How to Watch NFL Live Stream Online From UK

The NFL is not only relevant for folks in the US soil. It is in fact a national event which has international impacts. The fans of the NFL teams have been spread around the world. And if you are a UK-based NFL fan, you will surely want to watch the NFL live stream conveniently in your country. There are some ways you can use to watch NFL games in the UK area. So, without further ado, let’s get right there.

NFL Live Stream Online from UK

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the main options you could pick. You can use the Sky Sports membership to watch the NFL playoffs in three official channels such as Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Main Event, as well as Sky Sports Mix. For the mobile user, you could use Sky Go app to enjoy the coverage.

The good thing about Sky Sports customers is that you don’t need to subscribe to a TV cable to enjoy the service. You could just pick the Sky Sports plan for only £23 per month. Once you’ve reserved your option on Sky Sports, you will be able to watch it through your PC, laptop, or even your mobile device which has the Sky Go App.

While the NFL Game Pass costs you 143 euros per year, it offers you access to every game live and on demand. But this number might be too big for you to pay right now. Therefore, subscribing to Sky Sports can be a much better alternative.

Now TV

If you are not interested in subscribing to Sky Sports, Now TV can be the alternative you choose. Now TV allows you to watch all of the NFL games. It offers a good price for attaining the Sky Sports Pass. Currently the price is only £20 per month. With the TV access, you will be able to watch the Conference Championship games as well as the Super Bowl.

Sky Sports is also available on TV now. If you already have a TV account, you don’t need to subscribe to standalone Sky Sports anymore. You just need to use your Now TV account to get the access by purchasing the monthly passes. Although for Now TV users it is an expensive option, many prefer it because of the features, compatibility, as well as robust services from Now TV. If you are loyal Now TV customers, it is not a bad deal.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass offers the freedom for international users to enjoy the NFL games through their favorite devices. Although it is not always, NFL Game Pass sometimes offers some great deals. If you are lucky, you can save an enormous amount of money by using their offers. NFL Game Pass offers you wide visibility to the NFL events. But there are no Sunday Games that you can enjoy.

Watching NFL Abroad if you’re UK viewer

You might have chosen one of the options above. And you might go abroad. Here is where you would get a problem. The thing is that most of the services you use in the UK are geo-restricted. That means you will not be able to use these services when you are outside the country.

You can enforce t use the service but the result is blackout. However, you can bypass this restriction with the help of VPN service.

The VPN service allows you to connect to any server you choose so that you can unblock your live streaming service. For instance, the sky Sports which is available in the UK, you can use the VPN to connect to the UK server to unblock the restriction.

It is straightforward and easy to use the VPN stuff. You just need to purchase a suitable VPN, and then login with your credentials. Download and open the software connect to the specific server, and it’s done. You are ready to access your live streaming service.

Watch Super Bowl through BBC iPlayer

As the point suggested above, you can watch the Super Bowl through BBC iPlayer with certain weekly highlights and other interesting content. The highlights will be available in BBC2. so, you can stay tuned to these channels. However, the only play it covers is the Super Bowl. You cannot watch the other matches from this option.

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